'Bachelorette': Nate and John face off on the two-on-one in Bermuda

bachelorette-sailing-red-bermuda.jpgABC has released the episode description for next week's "Bachelorette" episode and we were right about the previews - it is the first two-on-one date. Dun dun dunnn.

The description reads:

Once the men arrive at the Rosewood Tucker's Point Hotel and Spa, a jubilant Doug discovers that he will spend the day alone with Emily. As he waits for Emily to pick him up, a few of the guys decide to "push his buttons," and Doug loses his cool. But will he let his temper show in front of the Bachelorette? The couple spend the day discovering the magic of St. George, shopping for souvenirs, creating their own scent at a perfumeria and having a blast watching some local dancers. But Emily has a surprise for Doug that will have special meaning to him. However, that doesn't stop her from grilling him over dinner to find out if he is too good to be true. Will she believe his "perfect" answers and give him a rose or send him home?

The next day Emily treats eight men to a special day on the water at the Bermuda Yacht Club, where they learn proper sailing techniques. It's a breeze until they discover that they need to compete in races against one another. The stakes are ratcheted up as the winning team will be rewarded with more time with Emily while the losing team goes back to the hotel. It's an all out battle, but one team is left to celebrate with Emily on the dock while the other team sulks as they leave. The after party is full of surprises, as one handsome bachelor tries to impress the Bachelorette by referring to her as a possible "trophy wife," but it is actually another smooth-talking man who charms her and scores the rose.

Two nervous bachelors - John and Nate - prepare to go on the dramatic two-on-one date. They board a luxury yacht, joining Emily to enjoy the beautiful Bermudian scenery before they head for a remote spot where they all jump off the ledge of a cliff into the crystal blue waters below. The three head to Bermuda's oldest cave for dinner where Emily spends private time with each man, desperately trying to decide who would be better for her. At the end of the evening, she makes a painful decision, sending one devastated man home, while the other bachelor gets the rose.

Anxiety hangs over the cocktail party like the stormy weather that is about to hit the area. One overconfident suitor begins to rub the guys the wrong way, while another bachelor confronts a man who had questioned his age and maturity. At the end of the evening, 10 men remain, and it will be up to Emily to determine if she is in love with any of them when they get to their next spectacular stop on the adventure -- London.

First off, any bets on who survives the two-on-one? We feel like Nate has gotten nearly zero screentime, which we hope means he finally makes an impression and sticks around, but we actually fear it's the other way and he leaves. Ah well.

Meanwhile, we wonder which overconfident bachelor rubs the guys the wrong way. Based on the previews from this week's episode, we don't actually think it's Kalon. We think it's Ryan, whose true d-bag colors are starting to show to match his d-bag hair. It also looks, judging from the picture below, like Arie and Emily are continuing to grow closer.

What do you think, "Bachelorette" fans?


Photo/Video credit: ABC