Barack Obama celebrates his 50th birthday in Chicago

In case you haven't heard, Barack Obama is turning 50 on Thursday (Aug. 4) and to kick off his festivities he attended a special fundraiser in his honor on Wednesday evening in Chicago. While we're sure our invite was lost in the mail, we managed to get some shots of the party anyway.

obama-bday-01.jpgOK, these guys are here to party. And quite honestly, they are the best dressed to. Nothing brings an outfit together like a good hat.

obama-bday-02.jpg Arriving in style. And you thought a Hummer limo was the hip way to celebrate your birthday?

obama-bday-04.jpgOh, look who did get their invite. Jennifer Hudson (standing next to former Obama staffer Rahm Emmanuel). Must be nice.

obama-bday-06.jpg"Where is my cake?" most likely not what he's asking here, but it's what we want to know. Seriously. Couldn't we get Duff from "Ace of Cakes" to whip something up?

Move over Biebz, we've got a real heartthrob on our hands here.


Photo/Video credit: Getty Images