Barack Obama wants to host 'SportsCenter' when he retires: 4 other shows he'd be a good fit for

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barack-obama-sportscenter-gi.jpgIt's no secret that, come 2016, President Barack Obama will be out of the White House and out of a job. While the end of his second term in office is still a little over two years away, it appears he's already begun thinking about his next steps -- and they just might include TV.

THR reports that, during a private briefing with entertainment moguls before his Nov. 26 speech at Jeffrey Katzenberg's DreamWorks Animation campus in Glendale, Obama admitted one of his post-White House goals. "At least I know what I want to do when I retire ... host ESPN 'SportsCenter's' Top 10 list," he joked as he turned to Disney's Robert Iger, who oversees ESPN. (The article notes that, while he had a "good laugh," Iger had no response for Obama.)

While the President was clearly joking (we think), it got us thinking about what other on-camera opportunities would be perfect for Obama once he leaves office.

1. Host of "Saturday Night Live"

snl-nbc.jpgSure, he's made a cameo before, during the heated 2008 election, but we're of the mind that Obama just might be able to hold his own as an episode's host. He'd become the first former president to have the opportunity -- as it stands, former Vice President Al Gore is the highest-ranking public official to host -- and there's something about his effortless charm and way with a quip that seems well-suited to the job.

2. "The Adventures of B.O. and Bo" (Animal Planet)

bo-gi.jpgA man and his dog tour the country, visiting National Parks and promoting animal welfare. While Sunny may visit from time to time, this is strictly a gig for the former President and the former First Dog of the United States.

3. "Man of the House" (ABC Family)

family-gi.jpgPaired with long-running/never-ending "Melissa & Joey," this half-hour sitcom would feature the whole Obama family, playing exaggerated versions of themselves. Each week, Malia and Sasha get swept up in their dad's wacky hijinks as he settles back into normal life, while a playfully exasperated Michelle helps clean up their messes. You know she's got that perfect eye roll down pat. Just ask John Boehner.

4. "Commander(s)-in-Chef" (Cooking Channel)

food-gi.jpgAs a continuation of the First Lady's "Let's Move!" campaign to end childhood obesity in America, Barack and Michelle host this health-conscious cooking show aimed at encouraging families to spend time in the kitchen together. Sasha and Malia stop by from time to time so kids at home can see how fun it can be to never eat sugar.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images, NBC