Barbara Walters hospitalized after fall at inauguration party

barbara-walters-view-gi.jpgWhile celebrating Inauguration Day at a party in Washington, DC, Barbara Walters fell and hit her head. She has been hospitalized, according to ABC News. A spokesman confirmed that 83-year-old Walters fell on some steps at the home of Peter Westmacott, Britain's ambassador to the United States.

She was injured, with a cut on her forehead. "Out of an abundance of caution, she went to the hospital to have her cut tended to, have a full examination and remains there for observation," says ABC News in a statement. "Barbara is alert (and telling everyone what to do), which we all take as a very positive sign."

Walters will not be covering President Barack Obama's Inauguration celebration on Monday. Obama and VP Joe Biden were officially sworn into office on Sunday morning .
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images