Barely recognizable Axl Rose takes the stage in Brazil

axl-rose-gi.jpgSweet child o' mine! Remember when Axl Rose, Guns N' Roses frontman, could totally rock a pair of latex pants and a ratty t-shirt and still pass for hair-band sexy? Those days are over, friends.

On Monday (Oct. 3), what passes for Guns N' Roses these days played the Rock in Rio Festival in Brazil. Not only did he deliver a "lackluster" performance, according to Amplifier, he was also practically unrecognizable.

Maybe he's been doing a little too much "Dancing with Mr. Brownstone," but 49-year-old Rose sported a bright yellow long blazer/duster/raincoat/abomination that instantly drew our attention to his new up-sized figure. To complete the Ineffective Witness Protection Program look, he topped off his yellow beacon with a black hat and sunglasses.

We're trying to decide if he looks more like Stevie Ray Vaughn or Greg Allman.

axl-rose-3.jpg axl-rose-1.jpg


Photo/Video credit: Getty Images