Barney the Dinosaur's creator's son arrested for attempted murder

Patrick Leach, the son of Sheryl Leach and reportedly the inspiration for children's TV sensation Barney the Dinosaur, was arrested on Wednesday, Jan. 9 for attempted murder. The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department said that the attack stemmed from an issue of trespassing.

The incident occurred in the upscale Lost Hills section of Malibu, an area in which both Leach and the victim, Eric Shanks, lived (according to the Malibu Times). Police responding to a 911 call found Shanks on his driveway with a chest injury. At the time, Leach was seen leaving in an SUV. Police later found and arrested the man, who was later released on a $1 million bail, as reported by The Acorn. The victim was taken to the UCLA hospital and is expected to recover.

"Barney and Friends" leaped to insane popularity in the 1990s after being created by Leach, a former schoolteacher. She later claimed that the big purple dinosaur had been inspired by her son's fascination with the creatures as a small child. In addition to the TV show, countless books and toys were sold at the height of Barney's popularity.

One thing is certain: This incident does not fit with the "I love you, you love me" philosophy espoused by Barney.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images