'Batkid' saves San Francisco from The Riddler and The Penguin - Live stream

In what is the best thing you'll see all week, and maybe all year, Batkid is saving the day in San Francisco, Cal., which has been transformed into Gotham City. Five-year-old Miles is experiencing a dream come true, as he gets to spend the day as a superhero.

Miles, who is in remission from leukemia, has become Batman for a day, thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The group is working with over 12,000 volunteers to make the experience something the little boy will never forget. 

It all started at 10 a.m. Friday (November 15), when a call from the chief of police let Miles know the city needed his help. He suited up and jumped in the batmobile with Batman, before going off to same a damsel in distress. From there, it was a battle with The Riddler, who was robbing a bank.

Then, because every superhero needs to eat, he had lunch where a flashmob alerted him to another crime he had to stop. Lou Seal, the mascot for the San Francisco Giants, has been seal-napped by The Penguin. Who but Batkid can help?

After Batman and Batkid track down The Penguin at AT&T Park, they give chase and capture him, before freeing Lou Seal. Then it's off to City Hall, where San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee will award Miles with a key to the city, for being the hero they need. Finally, with a long day of crime-fighting behind him, Miles, his parents and the Chief of Police will join the mayor for a news conference.

An local TV affiliate in San Francisco, KRON, is live-streaming the day from a helicopter high-above the city. Check that out above just to see how many people turned out to make this day special for Miles. It's truly inspiring. There are also some photos below care of Make-A-Wish San Francisco's Twitter page.

Photo/Video credit: KRON/Twitter