Beastie Boys: Muppets and action figures star in new videos

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Sesame Street breaks it down from Wonderful Creative on Vimeo.

We thought we were having a good day when we happened upon the clip above, in which the Muppets -- includinga flute-playing Grover -- channel old school Beastie Boys.

Then, we followed Vulture's link to yet another new Beasties video -- this one truly new and an 11-minute affair directed by Beastie pal Spike Jonze. The whole thing comes off as a sort of Beastie-centric "Team America World Police."

The boys -- along with guest-star Santigold -- are played by plastic action figures. In the clip, Ad Rock, MCA and Mike D are just having a good time doing their thing when some group of Beastie haters targets them for removal. They immediately engage in some kind of counter-offensive and end up killing their opponents. That is, until they rise from the ground as zombies.

But, fear not -- the zombies are rapidly vanquished by a friendly Yeti, who attempts to helicopter them back to safety. Sadly, the chopper goes down over the ocean, plunging the boys into the water. Mike D is in the jaws of a shark when Santigold comes to his rescue. Then, they fire missiles from some kind of submarine -- but do they truly kill their enemies? We won't spoil the end.
Photo/Video credit: YouTube