'Beauty and the Beast' holiday gift guide: Art, fashion and DVDs for the Beastie on your list

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"Beauty and the Beast" is a show with some seriously devoted fans. And what better way to tell those fans "I understand and accept your devotion" than with some "BatB"-themed holiday gifts?

Zap2it has put together a gift guide to make shopping for that special Beastie just a little easier. Remember: It's totally OK to give yourself gifts too.

Gifts under $25

"Beauty and the Beast" fan art print ($8.00) - Declare your love for "Beauty and the Beast" with this award-winning fan art poster.

Kristin Kreuk Samsung Galaxy case ($9.99) - Want to have Catherine Chandler smiling up at you every time you use your electronics? Then this is the gift for you

"Snow White: The Fairest of Them All" ($14.98) - "Beauty and the Beast" is not Kristin Kreuk's first go-round with the fairytale idea. Back in her early "Smallville" days, the actress also got the chance to play Snow White.

Team Beasties pet bowl ($20.00) - Since most fans don't have a Vincent-style beast around, they may have to make do with a more-normal beastie. Honor that pet with a bowl!

team-beasties-beauty-and-the-beast-pet-bowl.jpg Beauty and the Beast pillows ($24.99) - Perfect for the Beastie couple, this "Beauty and the Beast" pillow set brings up the question: Who is the beauty and who is the beast in your relationship?

Gifts under $50

"Beauty and the Beast: The First Season" on DVD ($49.99) - No "BatB" fan should be without the premiere season of the show! And now that it's been awhile since the release, there are some good sales available.

Gifts under $100

"Beauty and the Beast: The Complete Series" on DVD ($55.98) - Since the current "Beauty and the Beast" is a reboot of a 1980s program, why not brush up on your TV history with this set? Be a knowledgeable Beastie, able to compare and contrast Ron Perlman and Jay Ryan at a moment's notice!

"Go Girls" Season 1 ($57.69) - Want to see actor Jay Ryan before he was a beast? Like accents? Then this Australian series is for you -- just make sure you have the proper equipment to play it.

cats-white-lace-top.jpg Gifts over $100

Cat's lace shirt (from "Reunion") ($149.50) - You can save a little money in the fashion arena by just getting one of Catherine's best shirts, a lacy number from Club Monaco.

Catherine's brown leather jacket ($550.00) - If you want to dress like Cat, you may want to start saving. The cool leather jacket Catherine prefers is from Michael Kors. Maybe you can find it on sale?

Catherine's black leather jacket ($700.00) - If you're going to emulate Cat with the clothing, you might as well go all-out with this All Saints biker jacket.

"Beauty and the Beast" airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on The CW.


Photo/Video credit: The CW, Jennette Brown, Cafe Press