'Beauty and the Beast' photo: Vincent and Cat have a picnic - spoilers

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beauty-and-the-beast-jay-ryan-vincent-202-picnic-main-cw.jpgVincent isn't really himself when he returns for "Beauty and the Beast" Season 2. At least, he's not quite the same Vincent we saw in the first season. But that doesn't mean that Vincent can't enjoy a candlelit picnic with his beloved Catherine.

This exclusive photo from episode 2 of the upcoming season, "Kidnapped," gives us a peek at the beginning of that picnic.

Warning: "Beauty and the Beast" spoilers lie ahead.

beauty-and-the-beast-202-vincent-jay-ryan-picnic-cw.jpgIt's not just romance and candles in Season 2 though. After being kidnapped (by Cat's real father!!!) in the Season 1 finale, Vincent has been missing for months when the new season premieres. Cat, JT and even Gabe (no, he's not dead) have spent a great deal of time frantically looking for their beastly friend, but it's like Vincent has simply disappeared.

Obviously, he does come back. The question is: **How does Vincent come back? Will he feel the same about Catherine? Will his priorities have changed after months in mysterious captivity?

Will he even be happy to enjoy a picnic with Cat?

We will find out some of the answers when "Beauty and the Beast" premieres on Monday, Oct. 7. "Kidnapped" will follow a week later -- that's when we will see this picnic.

Photo/Video credit: The CW