'Beauty and the Beast' Season 2 finale: Did 'Deja Vu' prepare you for Season 3?

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"Beauty and the Beast" Season 2 has made it through its finale more or less intact. And Season 3 -- airing at some point in the 2014-2015 season on The CW -- is coming next. But did "Deja Vu" make you ready for more "Beauty and the Beast"?

This particular finale may not have set up the next season as well as some because the producers, writers and cast didn't actually know whether they were making a season or series finale in "Deja Vu." Filmed several months earlier, during the winter of 2014, "Beauty and the Beast" didn't get its Season 3 pickup until just before the CW upfronts in May.

With that in mind, "Beauty and the Beast had the nearly impossible task of making a finale that satisfied as both a season 2 finale and a possible series finale. Flashbacks, a newly re-beasted Gabe and huge threats to characters helped with that, but did "Beauty and the Beast" achieve its goal? Did "Deja Vu" make you ready for more of the show in Season 3?

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Photo/Video credit: The CW