Bedazzled bras and half-clad circus acts: Welcome to the Victoria's Secret fashion show

bike.jpg Victoria's Secret hits the catwalk with its annual fashion show ... and some of the themes are weirder than ever. They've got underwear-clad models as circus performers and bra-and-panty-clad women standing in for children's toys (much to Justin Bieber's delight -- it's doubtful he'll ever look at Tinkertoys the same way again). 

They've got models representing the months of the year, and others decked out in fancy foliage. That's all in addition to the usual showgirls costumes, oversize wings, and diamond-bedecked bras.

The "Victoria's Secret Fashion Show" hits your TV screen on Dec. 4 -- but you can get a preview of all the weird fashions right now.  

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images