Benedict Cumberbatch birthday: Celebrate the 'Sherlock' star in GIFs

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Benedict Cumberbatch celebrates his 38th birthday on Saturday, July 18, 2014. Join in the festivities with Cumberbatch GIFs that show just why everyone loves the actor.

You don't want to be late for this party.

1-super-cumberbatch.gifGet ready.

2-cumberbatch-fixing-hair.gifMake some new friends to come along.

3-cumberbatch-sesame-street.gifMake sure your plans are set.

5-cumberbatch-wink.gifAnd ... party!

6-cumberbatch-gets-freaky.gif 7-cumberbatch-dancing.gif 9-cumberbatch-celebrate-oscars.gifThat should make Benedict Cumberbatch happy!


Photo/Video credit: Getty Images, Internet Fair Use