Benedict Cumberbatch faces 'Sherlock' arch nemesis on 'Sesame Street'

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Warning: The following contains a spoiler for the Season 3 finale of "Sherlock."

The stakes aren't quite as high as they are on "Sherlock," but Benedict Cumberbatch has landed himself in a "Sesame Street" quandary. The actor is the latest celebrity to pop up on the iconic children's program and he's got a math problem to solve.

What starts as a simple visit goes off the rails when fuzzy monster Murray pops in, repeatedly asking "Did you miss me?" The nod to Moriarty at the end of "Sherlock" Season 3 is appropriate, because Murray declares he's actually Murray-arty and he's there to do away with his foe by way of counting.

Cumberbatch has to determine whether Murray-arty is giving him more apples or oranges, which would be difficult if not for his secret weapon: Count Von Count.

Are you Cumbercookies out there obsessed with this "Sesame Street" visit too?
Photo/Video credit: YouTube