Benedict Cumberbatch reading R. Kelly lyrics on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' wins the week

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Benedict Cumberbatch giving R. Kelly lyrics a dramatic reading was the thing we never knew we needed, but now can't imagine living without. Though it's far from over, this ridiculous moment wins the week, hands down.

Cumberbatch appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Wednesday (Dec. 4) as the silly singer stopped by as musical guest, prompting Kimmel to comment on the diverse lineup at the top of the show. His hope to marry the two gave way to a curtain parting, revealing the "Star Trek Into Darkness" actor ready to read the absurd lyrics to R. Kelly's new single, "Genius." The reaction from fans in the audience was nearly rapturous.

In the immortal words of the song, you got us like la, la, la, la, Cumberbatch.

Check out the hilarious moment above.  Or you can enjoy a selection of our favorite bits in GIF form:


Photo/Video credit: YouTube