Benedict Cumberbatch's head photoshopped onto things

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Benedict Cumberbatch is a bit of a heartthrob these days. That's why it makes sense for people to take a perfectly lovely photo of the "Sherlock" star, alter it slightly and then stick Cumberbatch's head in places it was never meant to be.

It's odd, sure. But this is pretty much why we have the Internet, right?

The strange tale started with a photograph of Cumberbatch published in The Sun. Someone, somewhere stretched the actor's head. And then a Reddit page got hold of the image and made it even better.

As a result, we get lovely things like:
"Benedict Thumberbatch":

benedict-cumberbatch-photoshop-thumb.jpg Animal photos ...

benedict-cumberbatch-photoshop-tortoise.jpg benedict-cumberbatch-photoshop-dinosaur.jpg benedict-cumberbatch-photoshop-giraffes.jpgNaturally, the most enterprising of internet photoshoppers get "Sherlock" co-star Martin Freeman in there as well.

Films he was never in, like "Alien" or "E.T."

benedict-cumberbatch-photoshop-alien.jpg benedict-cumberbatch-photoshop-et.jpg Random weird ones:

benedict-cumberbatch-photoshop-space.jpg benedict-cumberbatch-photoshop-loch-ness-monster.jpg benedict-cumberbatch-photoshop-whack-a-mole.jpgWhere else could Cumberbatch's head go? There may be no end to the Internet's creativity on this one.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images, Reddit