Benedict Cumberbatch's message to paparazzi from 'Sherlock' set: 'Go photograph Egypt'

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benedict-cumberbatch-egypt-paparazzi-gi.jpg Benedict Cumberbatch has a very important message for the paparazzi hanging around the "Sherlock" set snapping photos of him and co-star Martin Freeman : Go somewhere where you'll actually be useful.

In an image published at Wales Online, Cumberbatch can be seen holding a sign over his face that reads, "Go photograph Egypt and show the world something important." It's a part of a gallery of photos taken of the set of "Sherlock" Season 3.

While one might argue that the long-anticipated third season of "Sherlock" is important, it's certainly noble that Cumberbatch would rather focus on the larger global issues at hand. 

More than 800 people were reportedly killed during a week of violent clashes after Egypt's president, Muslim brotherhood leader Mohammed Morsi, was overthrown.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images