Benjamin Walker: 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' does a GQ shoot

benjamin-walker-gq-abraham-lincoln-vampire-hunter.jpgIn the July issue of GQ, actor Benjamin Walker -- star of the upcoming "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" -- strikes a pose in a becoming raglan sweater and some seriously rugged gloves. Absent an explanation, we can only assume he's either iron-mongering or getting ready to brand a steer.

The 30-year-old actor, who also starred in Broadway's "Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson," is suddenly one of Hollywood's most-buzzed-about faces. Not that he needs to get used to the spotlight; he's married to Mamie Gummer, daughter of the iconic Meryl Streep.

The best thing about the GQ piece -- at the end, Walker asks the GQ reporter a favor: "If we meet again in a few years and he's turned into a douchebag, would I, you know, tell him?"

"Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" opens Friday (June 22).
Photo/Video credit: GQ