Best Oscar Campaign tip? Grab an award, any award

Emilyblunt_j_sci_11792805_600"The Devil Wears Prada" director David Frankel was almost the last presenter at the Hollywood Breakthrough Awards last night. And he felt like it.

"I know this is the Hollywood Life Breakthrough Awards but it's gone on so long, it feels like we should be giving out Life Achievement Awards."

Still, he couldn't say enough about Emily Blunt. Literally. He talked at length about her basically taking over every aspect of the film, from costumes to script to who was in what scene and for how long.

Of course, it was all in good fun although bossy Blunt, her hands firmly on her hips onstage, joked that playing a mean and cruel fashion-obsessed rag mag assistant  "was not much of a stretch for me."

She presented the Star of the Year Award to her "Devil" co-star Anne Hathway, who admitted, like every single winner last night,  to feeling "grateful" and "thrilled" to be in the company of all the "amaaaaazing" talent such as...