Best TV Twists: 'Dexter' or 'Revenge'? 'Supernatural' or 'Once Upon a Time'?

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jennifer-carpenter-dexter-season-6-twist-debra-morgan.jpg "Dexter" (Showtime): We were still trying to wrap our minds around the plot development that Debra ( Jennifer Carpenter) was feeling romantically attracted to her foster brother ( Michael C. Hall) when the writers threw us a stunning curveball, when Deb walked in on Dexter as he was administering the coup de grace to the Doomsday Killer ( Colin Hanks). That's right: Now Deb knows Dexter is a serial murderer.

"Raising Hope" (FOX): Once past the outlandish setup of the show's initial premise -- that the adorable title character is the offspring of Jimmy Chance's ( Lucas Neff) one-night fling with a now-executed serial killer - this wacky sitcom has steered away from soap opera conventions in favor of playing like a live-action cartoon most of the time. So we nearly fainted, just as Jimmy did, at the out-of-left-field revelation that Hope's mom survived the electric chair and was coming back to claim her.

"Revenge" (ABC): Jaw-dropping plot twists are a weekly occurrence on this compulsively addictive nighttime soap, but when we finally got to the scene that opened the series at the top of the season -- a nighttime shooting on the beach -- and discovered that the victim was not, in fact, young Hamptons heir Daniel Grayson ( Josh Bowman) as we had assumed all along, we suddenly knew to take nothing for granted on this audacious show.

little-red-riding-hood-big-bad-wolf.jpg "Once Upon a Time" (ABC): If you were paying attention, it couldn't have come as a big surprise to learn that the beautiful Storybrooke waitress Ruby ( Meghan Ory) was Red Riding Hood in the show's fantasy realm. Finding out that Red Riding Hood was also the Big Bad Wolf? Yowzah!

"Supernatural" (The CW): For seven seasons, the brothers Winchester ( Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles) have faced down horrors backed primarily by old family friend Bobby Singer ( Jim Beaver), so fans were stunned when Bobby suddenly died of a gunshot wound earlier this season. Then they were more happily shocked when he unexpectedly returned as a ghost, even if we suspect that will not end well for anyone. Things rarely do on this show.
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