Bethenny Frankel gets three-book fiction deal

  bethenny-frankel-getty-images.jpg Bethenny Frankel, formerly of "The Real Housewives of New York," is about to don another hat - fiction author. According to USA Today, Frankel is currently working on a steamy novel called "Skinny Dipping," which is a nod to her Skinnygirl empire of food products, clothing, skin care and a cleanse. Her Skinnygirl margaritas were recently in the news for being pulled from Whole Foods due to a lack of all-natural ingredients.

"Skinny Dipping" is part of a three-book deal with Touchstone Fireside publishing company and is scheduled to be out next spring.

"It's about a girl's journey and what she wants, and trying to have it all. It's about the lessons and the people along the way, about naysayers and rising above," says Frankel. "There will be a lot of juiciness and people wondering what it's based on and if any of it was influenced by my life."

Frankel is already a published author of cookbooks, diet books and a self-help book - will you be picking up her novel?

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images