'Bethenny Getting Married?': Bethenny Frankel -- 'I was the runaway bride'

bethenny-getting-married-bethenny-frankel.jpg Bethenny Frankel has spent three seasons on "Real Housewives," yet she wasn't a real housewife. In her new series, "Bethenny Getting Married?," the Bravo star shows how she broke her streak as the three-time "runaway bride" -- and according to her, the new show isn't going to be a "Real Housewives" clone.

"It's more about a discussion [then-fiancé] Jason [Hoppy] and I have about planning the wedding or, you know, that I was the runaway bride and getting me down the aisle," Bethenny says in a recent press call. "And what it's like to shop for a wedding dress when six months pregnant. I think the devil's in the details."

That's an understatement. If you've been following every detail of Bethenny's path to marriage and a baby in the press, this show promises to give you the inside look behind the headlines and then some.

"I sweat the small stuff," she says. "I could like have a c-section and not be on any pain medication. But if you give me too small of a portion at the ice cream store I may have a nervous breakdown. Like that's kind of the type of person that I am."

In the show, we join Bethenny at her home with then fiancé, Jason Hoppy.