Betty White as Oscar host? We hope not

betty-white-pinks-hot-dog.jpg Zap2it loves Betty White, but that doesn't mean we want her to host the Oscars.

The lovely comedian joked in a promo that after hosting "Saturday Night Live," maybe she could then move on to the Academy Awards.

From your lips, Betty, to a Facebook user's ears.

Sure enough, just like the campaign to get her to host "SNL," a Facebook page "Getting Betty White to Host the Academy Awards" was conceived and already has more than 18,000 people (and counting) "liking" it. But we're not one of them.


Well, here's the deal. We think she would be an awesome addition to any awards show (as we've seen at the Golden Globes and other recent ones). She's got the charm, wit and chutzpah to cross that geriatric line into naughty no-no laughs.