Betty White getting Friars' Club roast in May

betty-white-gi.jpgThe hottest nonagenarian in Hollywood, Betty White is going to be honored by taking the hot seat at the Friars' Club annual celebrity roast on May 16.

White says of the honor, "Those Friars may think I'm an easy mark but I have 90 years of comebacks waiting for them. This is such an honor to be roasted by the Friars Club. It will be an afternoon filled with dirty words, risqué jokes & sex talk.....and that's just what I plan on saying. I have no clue what the comedians will talk about."

Betty joins the long line of comedians and actors who have been roasted by the Friars' Club, including Lucille Ball, Johnny Carson, Sid Caesar, Phyllis Diller, Richard Prior, Jerry Stiller, The Smothers Brothers and Quentin Tarantino.

These roasts are not to be confused with the Comedy Central roasts. The cable channel broadcasted the Friars' Club roasts from 1998 to 2002, but then in 2002, began doing their own roasts. But the Friars' Club is the granddaddy of roasting, as theirs date back to the very first roast of Sam Levenson in 1950.

We bet Betty's roast will be a ball.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images