Betty White: Valerie Harper is 'doing very well' thanks to 'her positive attitude'


When Betty White appeared on CBS' "The Talk" on Monday (Dec. 2), she had some good news about her friend and fellow actor Valerie Harper.

Harper, who had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer earlier this year, was told by doctors that she only had months to live. "She's doing very well," White says of her friend. "The doctors are very happy, and they're very pleased."

White attributes her friend's good health to her optimist outlook on life. "The reason she's doing that well is that she has the most positive attitude of almost anyone I know," White says. "She's just making the most of all the time she has left, and that was already extended. They gave her until christmas, and now they're saying until next year or something like that."

White's late husband Allen Ludden passed away from stomach cancer in 1981, and she attributes the extra time they had together after his diagnosis to his positive outlook as well. "My beloved husband Allen got an extra year thanks to his positive attitude," White says.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images