'Betty White's Off Their Rockers': TV 'Batman' Adam West has lost Robin and possibly his mind

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Betty White and her posse of old folks are at it again Wednesday (May 9) with back-to-back episodes of "Betty White's Off Their Rockers," and this time they've got TV's Batman, Adam West, to help pull pranks on unsuspecting youngsters.

In the sneak-peak clip above, West is asking for help finding a masked man in a cape -- holy lost sidekick, Batman! Did you really misplace Robin?

"I'm looking for a little guy, dark hair and wears a mask," West says to a surprised-looking young woman (who may or may not know who he is). "He's got a red vest and a little yellow cape."

Other pranks in store from the old people: a man brings his mannequin girlfriend to a restaurant, a wife enlists a stranger to pretend they are romantically involved, and Wink Martindale gets unwelcome news while pretending to tape a game show segment.

"Betty White's Off Their Rockers" airs Wednesday on NBC with new episodes at 8 and 8:30 p.m.
Photo/Video credit: NBC