'Beverly Hills Nannies' is exactly like 'The Baby-sitters Club' - if Kristy and the gang could drink

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beverly-hills-nannies-premiere-abc-family.jpgABC Family's new realty series "Beverly Hills Nannies" follows the fabulous -- and sometimes not-so-fabulous -- lives of an elite group of nannies as they take care of kids, pets and often the moms. The show may be new, but the concept sounds very familiar to us -- and probably any woman who grew up in the '80s.

"It's like 'The Baby-sitters Club,'" says Maggie, wannabe nanny and childhood friend to Queen Bee of the Nannies, Kristin, in the show's Wednesday (July 11) premiere.

"It is like 'The Baby-sitters Club,'" Kristin murmurs.

"We used to read those books when we were kids," she adds, while shoving a dog-eared copy of "BSC #37: Dawn and the Older Boy" under a throw pillow (except not really on that last part).

And the show is just like "The Baby-sitters Club" -- except the sitters can drink and drive (not at the same time) and the setting is posh Beverly Hills rather than quaint -- but still posh -- Stoneybrook, Conn. And instead of Krist y getting a great idea (The Baby-sitters Club), it's Krist in getting a great idea (the Beverly Hills Nannies Club). Otherwise, exactly the same. Check out our picks for who's whom in the nanny crowd/BSC crossover (our apologies for leaving out Abby Stevenson, alternate officer in The Baby-sitters Club who first came on the scene in book #89 after Dawn moved back to California -- we just never quite warmed to Abby).

"Beverly Hills Nannies" star Kristin Lancione is totally Baby-sitters Club president Kristy Thomas.

1-kristin-kristy-1.jpgThey're both the brunette brains behind their respective babysitting operations, and they both rule with an iron fist. Kristy's other fist is donning a softball glove, however.  

Nanny wannabe/hanger-on and Kristin BFF Maggie Thorne is totally BSC secretary Mary Anne Spier.

3-maggie-mary-anne.jpg... you know, if Mary Anne had been a lush rather than a quiet, pigtails-wearing eighth grader with an adorable little cat named Tigger. Plus, Mary Anne and Kristy are besties -- with a tiny bit of tension -- just like Kristin and Maggie.

Nanny Amber Valdez is totally BSC vice president Claudia Kishi.

2-amber-claudia.jpgClaud was always known for her exotic looks, slight edge and killer fashion sense. While we haven't yet seen what Amber can do with a paint-splattered T-shirt clip and three pairs of neon slouch socks, we're confident she can do Claudia proud.  

Manny Scott Cartmill is totally BSC treasurer Stacey McGill.

9-scott-stacey.jpgStacey got her air of sophistication from being born and raised in New York City -- having a killer perm and dotting all her i's with hearts didn't hurt either. Scott also has a fancy pedigree -- or at least a fancy-sounding accent -- hailing from Queensland, Australia. And like Stacey, he has great hair.

Nanny Shayla Quinn is totally BSC alternate officer Dawn Schafer.

7-shayla-dawn.jpgLike Dawn, Shayla's a West Coast girl with blonde hair and that "California casual" style Dawn always rocked, which at the time mostly seemed to consist of oversized denim shirts and leggings.

Manny and former ladysitter to Kyle Richards, Justin Sylvester, is totally BSC associate member Logan Bruno.

8-justin-logan.jpgLogan and Justin are both Southern gentlemen who have a way with the ladies -- in very different ways.

Nanny Lucy Treadway is totally Shannon Kilbourne.

6-lucy-shannon.jpgAlways an associate member, never a member. Lucy's major claim to fame -- so far -- is that she was almost the nanny for Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen ... just like Shannon was almost a real member of the Baby-sitters Club.

Nanny Amanda Averill is totally Jessi Ramsey.

7-amanda-jessi.jpgMaybe a stretch, but in her bio, Amanda says if she wasn't a nanny she'd be a hip-hop dancer, and everyone knows Jessi dedicated her life to dancing. Actually, that's probably the only thing we know about Jessi.

Manny Shaun Sturz is totally BSC junior officer Mallory Pike.

5-shaun-mallory.jpgOK, not really. But it is possible that Shaun, like Mal, hates boys (and gym).

"Beverly Hills Nannies" premiers Wednesday at 9 p.m. on ABC Family.
Photo/Video credit: ABC Family and Scholastic