Beyonce, David Bowie, Johnny Cash and more celebrity passports

Donald Trump may not be getting a look at Barack Obama's passport records any time soon, but he can check out the passport of the president's pal, Beyonce Gissele Knowles. Beyonce is one of many celebrities whose travel documents are floating around the internet in one form or another. Perhaps those who doubt Beyonce's true age can put their minds at ease by taking note of the birth date on her passport: Sept. 4, 1981.

While most of these ID documents don't reveal anything we didn't already know about celebs and icons like David Bowie and Walt Disney, it's worth noting Marilyn Monroe -- aka Norma Jeane DiMaggio -- was proud enough of that last half inch on her 5 foot, 5 1/2 inch frame she included it on her State Department ID card. It's also fun to just look at the pictures. Because is your passport photo this good?

While most of these documents have not been confirmed as the official passports of their alleged owners, they all appear to be legit. See for yourself:

beyonce-passport.jpg Beyonce

marilyn-monroe-passport.jpg Marilyn Monroe

david-bowie-passport.jpg David Bowie

walt-disney-passport.jpg Walt Disney

audrey-hepburn-passport.jpg Audrey Hepburn

janis-joplin-passport-.jpg Janis Joplin

john-lennon-passport.jpg John Lennon

johnny-cash-passport.jpg Johnny Cash

muhammed-ali-passport.jpg Muhammad Ali

katharine-hepburn-passport.jpg Katharine Hepburn
Photo/Video credit: Fair Use