Beyonce debuts blonde pixie haircut on Instagram

beyonce-blonde-pixie-haircut-instagram.jpgWith this new haircut, getting hair caught in fans is firmly a thing of Beyonce's past.

On Wednesday (Aug. 7), the "Countdown" singer debuted a close-cropped new hairstyle with a series of Instagram photos taken in her dressing room as she admired her new 'do in the mirror.

With the new look, Beyonce kept her honey blonde color, but let go of the lengthy locks she's known for. Immediately, the fresh style sparked an intense debate amongst Queen Bey's Instagram followers.

Not everyone loved it, as one IG user, under the handle "rohnnie," commented: "She almost bald headed imma cry." Another, named "tarh88," simple queried, "Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy??????"

It wasn't all hate though. "Badgaltip" wrote, "She is sooooo sexyyyy," while "lenaclairr" gushed, "I love you sweet thang."

Take a look at a few more of Beyonce's pics and let us know if you're digging her new 'do.

beyonce-haircut-1-instagram.jpg beyonce-haircut-2-instagram.jpg

Photo/Video credit: Instagram