Beyonce spends thousands at Nando's for chicken after UK concert


Beyonce really loves her Nando's chicken. The UK chain is known for its delicious spicy chicken, and Bey recently spent thousands there recently to treat her entourage to a tasty post-V Festival meal.

A receipt acquired by the Daily Mail shows Beyonce spent £1,444.10 -- in cash! -- at a Nando's in Chelmsford. That's $2,265 worth of food. The order included 58 wing platters, 48 whole chickens, 12 veggie burgers, 48 orders of fries, 24 orders of rice and 24 coleslaws. The employees at the Nando's were so excited to cook for "Beyonce K" that they posted a picture of the meal in the works.

This isn't the only time Beyonce has splurged at a Nando's. While in Dublin back in May, she spent $1100 on a massive order that included 14 jumbo platters and seven wing platters, and spurred pregnancy rumors in the process.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images/Ferrari