Beyonce's 'Life Is But a Dream' poll: Was it a dream or a nightmare?

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life-is-but-a-dream-beyonce-hbo.jpgBeyonce's directorial debut, the confessional documentary "Life Is But a Dream," got a spanking from critics, but now that it's aired on HBO, what did you think?

First let's take a look at those reviews again: We called it "equal parts vanity project and calculated act of image control," while The Hollywood Reporter declared it "less a documentary portrait than a micromanaged video diary exploring the R&B superstar's relationship with her laptop."

"For those who can't imagine growing tired of Beyonce Knowles' flawless face (or the rest of her), try going 90 wearisome minutes with "Life Is But a Dream," cracked Variety.

The New York Times noted the film's oddly defensive posture: "There are no witnesses testifying on Beyonce's behalf -- she is almost the only person in the film who speaks more than a few words -- nor is there any obvious reason someone as popular, recognized and financially rewarded as Beyoncé would feel misunderstood, yet the intent is clear."

And Salon mused: "Her control-freakery is not an act, not masking some broken, deranged, lost or wild alt-Beyonce, but her defining characteristic."

So, what do you think? Were the critics too harsh or right on? Vote in our poll below and leave a comment to let us know your take.

Photo/Video credit: HBO