'Big Bang Theory' sneak peek: Sheldon meets his hero

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bbt-apr5-3-cbs.jpgIt's not often (if ever) that Sheldon ( Jim Parsons) grovels to anyone, much less Howard ( Simon Helberg). But that's what's going to happen on Thursday's (April 5) episode of "The Big Bang Theory."

In some sneak peak photos of the show, we see Dr. Cooper kissing a little butt in an effort to meet Wolowitz's co-worker, Stephen Hawking. It looks to be a success as we see photos of Parsons alongside the noted theoretical physicist.

Parsons recently explains the whole experience of working with Hawking was "insane and intense." He adds that Hawking, despite his medical condition, was a complete pro on set and "demanded to control every take himself."

The episode airs at 8 p.m. ET. on CBS.

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Photo/Video credit: CBS