Big Boi arrested: Outkast rapper caught in Miami with... Viagra

What's more embarrassing than being famous and arrested? Being famous, arrested and outed for a possible erectile dysfunction issue.

Such is the plight of Outkast rapper Big Boi. TMZ reports the yin to André 300's yang was arrested in Miami on Aug.7 on charges of drug possession.

In addition to the much more illicit ecstasy pills and MDMA powder, poor Big Boi was busted with Viagra. The Miami-Dade County Corrections Department also charged Big Boi (birth name Antwan Patton) with one count of possession of drug paraphernalia. (Which we weren't aware was a crime...)

Customs agents reportedly nabbed Boi exiting a cruise ship, where he could not present a prescription for the Viagra.

The latest update had him being held on a $16,000 bond, though we can't imagine it will take him long to come up with the money.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images