'Big Brother 10' Broken Promises

April Big Brother 10 left us with a cliffhanger ending on Thursday. Or rather, a ledge hanger, as all the HGs held on to a railing against a wall while standing on a thin ledge mocked up to look like a building. Sometimes that building shook, sometimes it leaned further forward and sometimes they just blew sand in their eyes.

To continue to leave you hanging just a little longer, let's go back to review what happened before the HoH competition began! HoH Keesha put up Angie and Jessie for elimination, leading Angie to stir up trouble where ever she could. Not very effectively, I might add, because she was voted out anyway, despite Jessie spending all of his time being a hugely over confident jerk. Also, Dan was made America's Player for the week.

To get back to our HoH competition, Ollie mentions he's afraid of heights. Which might have been more dramatic were they actually on a several storied building and not an intermittently moving platform that was maybe 6 feet above a giant cushion. Jessie take a moment to ask Renny if they are cool with each other and she assures him that they are, later admitting in confessional that she was just telling him what he wanted to hear.  Jerry is predictably the first to drop, quickly followed by Libra. Eventually Dan makes a big show of how his arms hurt and he can't hold on. He admits that he was throwing another competition, but he tries to ham up his performance too much by acting dead armed and rolling on the ground like his legs are too weak. Libra doesn't buy it at all.

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