'Big Brother 10': Double your pleasure, double your fun


It's double eviction week on Big Brother 10, which is my favorite week in all the land. I mean, getting two of these annoying people out in one hour's time? Genius!

But before we get all fast forward-y, let's recap: Dan offered Ollie an insane three-part deal in order to win the HoH competition; Dan held part of the deal by nominating Jerry and Memphis per Ollie's request; Dan decided not to honor the whole deal and put up Michelle after Memphis won POV; Dan inexplicably played mind games with the house at the veto meeting to try to turn the other houseguests against each other.

Julie is all business tonight in a classy black outfit, announcing that it's double eviction week and time for "a week's worth of Big Brother all in one night." Whee! I love double eviction night. Here's how it works: once the first houseguest is booted, the remaining houseguests immediately play in an HoH competition, two people are nominated, a POV is played and POV ceremony held, and then a second person is booted. All in one night! It's glorious.

Before we can get to new business, though, first the show must address the craziness that was Tuesday's veto meeting. Immediately following the ceremony, Ollie diary rooms that he is angry Dan didn't hold up his part of the deal. You mean the crazy deal that no one in their right mind would go through with, Ollie? Dan says that his goal was to cause utter confusion via the "roulette" game so the target wouldn't be on his back. I'm not sure that's working, but I admire his flair for drama. Michelle, predictably, loses her mind in the diary room and screams incoherent obscenities. Ollie, backed by Michelle and Jerry and a boatload of paranoia, immediately jumps to the conclusion that Dan is a "plant" because no one could be as crazy as Dan is without having some sort of agenda beyond the game. Dan's agenda is to be on TV all the time, Ollie, and drama like this makes it happen. Duh.

Ollie and Michelle confront Keesha, Memphis, Renny and Dan about their plant theory and tell them the specifics of the deal Ollie made with Dan, not knowing that they all knew the plan the entire time. Dan finally leaves to avoid the fallout and Ollie continues his tirade to the rest of the gang. Memphis finally tells him "who cares" and Keesha says that if things went the way Ollie and Michelle wanted she would be on the block, so she's pretty happy with the turn of events. Memphis finally reveals that the jig is up and they knew about the entire deal the whole week. This pushes Ollie's last button and he calls Memphis a f****t. Ollie is awful, and it was much worse on the feeds than was portrayed on the show. 

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