'Big Brother 10': Mother, mother


If Big Brother 10 would like to teach us anything the season it's this: a mother's place is in the home and nowhere else. At least, that's what it seems they are implying considering every question directed at mother Libra is about how horrible she is for leaving her children to come on a reality show. Lighten up, BB!

Before we get to the episode, let's recap! Jerry totally lost his remaining marbles over Dan's betrayal, Michelle won HoH and nominated Libra and Keesha, Jerry won POV and threatened to use it but ultimately did not, calling Dan "Judas" in the process, Keesha tried to turn Michelle against April, Libra revealed that Keesha was actually the mastermind of Jessie's eviction.

Let me pause before beginning the recap to say...Julie looks absolutely lovely tonight! Sure, her sweater is a weird color of green and is strangely sparkly, but it works for her. Good job, Mrs. Chen. The taped package picks up right after the POV ceremony as the house reacts to Jerry's insane speech. Dan tries to apologize but Libra cuts him off in disgust, saying "It's just a game, guys." Preach it, Libra. Memphis is excited to finally have some evidence to illustrate his "Jerry sucks" theory and immediately goes to Michelle crowing about how Jerry needs to be taken out. Libra and Keesha attempt to console Dan, who acts sad around them but reveals in the diary room that he thinks everything is actually going his way. Is it? Really? Getting sympathy is not the same thing as gaining allies, Dan.

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