'Big Brother 11' Jessie, patron saint of losers

Lydia_bigbrother11_290  Things on 'Big Brother 11' got pretty exciting on Thursday, with the coup d'etat power coming into use. Did the drama tonight measure up? That depends on how much tears are worth. Ridiculous, nonsensical tears.

But first, to bring anyone up to speed: Chima was HoH and had put Russell and Lydia on the block, with Russell being her target. She made it very well known that if anyone did anything to change her nominations, she would be furious. Since she tends to get mad pretty easily anyway, Jeff went ahead and used his power to take both Russell and Lydia off the block and put Jessie and Natalie in their place. It's a move even Jessie admits makes good sense. In the end, he's sent home, blaming America all the way. And America happily takes that blame most likely.

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