'Big Brother 11': The rumors are true

Chima_bigbrother11_290 Tonight's episode of "Big Brother 11" was the most anticipated episode of the season so far, with everyone anxious to see whether or not Jeff would use the Coup D'Etat...and whether or not Chima's threats of production sabotage would go down if he did.

Julie could not look more adorable tonight in a poufy black and white polka dotted baby doll dress with red accessories. She sort of looks like a present. (Seriously, the woman looks so sweet she's giving me a toothache.) She quickly gets down to the only thing we care about: the secret Coup D'Etat power and whether or not Jeff will have the cojones to use it. (Do it! Do it!)

Let's kick it back to post-veto ceremony and its aftermath, shall we? Kevin punked out and didn't take Lydia off the block. This move I don't understand. Is he afraid of Chima? I say not using the POV on your strongest ally in the house says bad things about your loyalty to everyone else, but what do I know. I'm just a lowly blogger. Lydia agrees with me, of course.

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