'Big Brother 12's' Brendon will be 'nice and flirtatious' with the women

brendon-villegas-big-brother-12.jpgMeet Brendon Villegas, the last "Big Brother 12" house guest in our series of interviews. He tells Zap2it that he's doing "Big Brother" as a fun activity before he spends five years committed to school and that his strategy is to get the girls on his side.

"I'm about to start my Ph.D right now ... the next five years I'm about to be committed to school so I thought this would be a great way to spend the summer before a big commitment," Brendon tells us, when asked why he wanted to be on "Big Brother." 

So does he have a strategy going into the house?

"I'm going to kinda see how it goes ... The more I've watched, the more I've figured out you really can't have a strategy," Brendon observes. "Really I just want to go in, kinda get the girls on my side, be nice and flirtatious, get them to like me. For the guys, I don't want to seem as a threat, so I'm kind of downplaying my intellect ... and really kind of up play the fact that I am an athlete and a swim coach.

The "Big Brother 12" premiere is almost upon us! Who are your favorites? Watch the first episode Thursday, July 8 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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Photo and video credit: Andrea Reiher, Zap2it