'Big Brother 12's' Rachel's blog: 'A Cinderella story'

Rachel Reilly is the second Head of Household in the "Big Brother 12" house. She has now posted her blog and HOH pics. Read what she has to say about her time in the house so far:

HEY HEY HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!!!!!! Vegas is in the HOUSE :) It's Rachel and I have SUCH a crazy week for y'all filled with betrayal, paranoia, DRAMA, romance, passion, and lots of EXPECTING THE UNEXPECTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So for starters this week begins as a Cinderella story, so I'm on the block next to my MAN and we SAVE OUR SELVES, YAYA, send another girl packing and than WOW I WIN HOH!!!! CRAZY!!! So I was in shock talk about a week of a rollercoaster, I was a have nothing to HOH, then I got to start my rain! :) YAY, well obv. it was AMAZING to see pics of my fam, and my rottie pupster BenZ!

Then I got to spend the entire "evening" with a hottie named Brendon and Brenchael REALLY started to heat it up! :) I finally got my tequila which y'all KNOW is my FAV. and Bren and I took shots and have a super fun night of bonding and getting to know each other G-rated of course! I mean he must like me if he put up with my snorting hahahaha I'm SUCH a nerd! ;) SO I WAS SUPER HAPPY TO BE HOH, I got to ensure that me and Brendon were safe for the week and even have a room to myself! :)

THAN FRIDAY CAME! We started the day like any other in the BIG BRO HIZZIE than it got gangsta up in here..... when it was time for the BIG BROTHER STICK EM UP! It was like an 80s rap video, me n my crew, my homies in da hizzie all had to compete for food for the week and the opportunity to become HAVES and have naughtys....... (YIKES!!!!) so I was the BLUE team and me n my crew fought a good fight we stuck up my boy Ragan but obv. we didn't have what it took we were out FIRST BOOOOOOOOO! than it was a race to get out the orange or green team and the battle to win the comp. started! So the blues decided to team up with the orange team to take out the green team, after all it was only fair they were the ONLY team with no have naughtys from the week before! So what we felt like was going to last all day came to an end when brit started to slip down off the wall and outa her tape cocoon which was CRAAAAAAZY b.c I don't think that we woulda ever taken her down! Unfortunately my man was on the green team so him enzo, brit and monet all became the naughtys for the week and the rest of the house became the Haves. Which sucked b.c that meant that Brendon had to sleep in a lawn chair and have NO food for the week, BUT after all he picked the green team hehe :) Oh and thanks AMERICA for helping my man live this week I think he ate enough fish sticks and fruit cake to last a normal person a year hehehehe now I know what to cook him for our anniversary this year ;)

NOW ITS TIME FOR NOMS!!!!!!!!!!! (drum roll in my heart please.....) I hate this! but it is what it is and I gotta get Brenchael to the finals! ;) so I nominate brittney and monet with monet being my target for the week, I mean lets be honest I gota ensure that me and brendon make it far and Monet would TOTALLY put us up so the girls gota goooooo!

Basically, Monet didn't talk to me for days until I became HOH she won 10K and to top it off I wanna take out ANYONE that wants to separate me from my man! :)

More good news in our big brother world we find out ANNIEs the Saboteur YAAAAAAAAAAAAY! and we got the girl out week one, YAY for season 12! I'm not gona lie I'm SUPER happy Annie's gone b.c she tried to throw me and Brendon under the bus in her last ditch effort before walking out the door. SO GOOD FOR THE HOUSE we have a little less to worry about at least we know that the sabs. gone now we just have to play the game.

SO POV execs are picked and I'm betting on my stocks that we have something fun coming! I get the chance to pick houseguests choice and in a big brother season 12 twist I pick ....... BRENDON ..... hahaha SHOCKER ;) YAY I'm so excited I have Brendon fighting with me so that we can win this thing keep the noms the same and send monet packing. Brittney picks lane and monet picks enzo. So we head out to the comp. and we find ourselves on the big brother stock exchange we have to try to hold our briefcases for an hour with out going over an hour, all while we have money slapping us in the face blah.... I was totally counting on me and brendon but we should have planned our strategy better b.c than I think that we woulda won the POV and not brittney! that was lameeeeeeeeee.....and I started to freak out b.c I knew at that point that I would have to make yet another enemy, what a week2!

So now that POVs were over and obv. brits taken herself off the block I had to figure out what my next move was, I talked to a few people and tried to throw a few ideas around with brendon, and than brittney and monet proposed an idea to me which I thought might just work and keep us(brenchael) off their list. The plan I had thought out in my head was to put up Andrew, that was brittney and monet were happy, they could campaign and I could see how the house was going to split, I was also hoping that all their cards would be laid on the table to I could anticipate their next move.... Its really like were playing a game of chess here and I need to anticipate what move people want to make next, but of course I have to expect the unexpected!!!!! So I threw around andrews name and matts name thinking that if I didn't use andrew I could use matt, welllllllllll I had to clear this all with brendon b4 I did anything I wanted him to know what was up, so I went to talk to him in the hammock and told him I thought I was going to make a decision that he wouldn't like, See Brendon really likes Andrew and views him as a friend, an alli, and someone who will have our backs to the end, but I don't really talk to andrew at all and I don't know where he stands he seems to really love brendon but obv. who wouldn't love brendon hehe ;) sooooo brendon said he would respect my decision but we had to make sure we have the votes to keep andrew here, so we started asking our friends in the house esp. the ones we knew where they stood, than we asked matt and ragan......and all the shit hit the fan...... matt said HE WANTED TO VOLUNTEER TO GO UP AS A PAWN ~~~REALLY MATT REALLY NO ONE VOLUNTEERS TO GO UP AS A PAWN IN BIG BROTHER HISTORY, sorry stacy(matts wife) but your mans gone crazy! and even more matt wants to have it be anonymous so that he looks blind sided. So brendon thought this was a great plan, but me being the super sluth and I think from living in Vegas I've picked up skills and can read people got super suspicious.....why would matt want to be used as a pawn? and even more WHY would matt want to keep it anonymous?! And why would he want me to make it look like he was blind sided so I of course shared this with brendon, and we got in our first fight ;'( :( :( :( WORSE NIGHT EVER It felt like my heart was getting punched, when brendon left the room, I felt my self start to cry I had NO idea that I had such strong feelings about him and it really made me realize that since I found him I never want to let him go, I don't want to be with out this man, and I just met him a short while ago, but we have soooooooo much going for us, we are like twins in our personalities, and Brendon's by far the most amazing man I've met romantically, he can cook, he's kind has a good heart compassionate, romantic, extremely attractive-handsome-looks like a model, and further more to seal the deal is a physicists who's getting his PhD and can talk to me about science and other intellectual debates! WHO WOULDNT FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM!!!!!! were like two chemical bonds that are ionicaly bonded and I just want to be with him, further more we're two science, sci-fi, geeks and that really gets me charged hehe I have a thing for nerds, and science geeks I just didn't know I would meet one like Brendon :) so this fight was the WORST feeling ever, I found myself alone in the HOH room, with out my best friend, and I started to cry :( than thankfully Brendon came back up later and gave me a hug and promised me that we would never argue about the game again in that way and that were way to important to each other and this is special so I was happy again, he also said that b.c we can argue that it shows true emotions and feelings and that we have a real relationship and that it proved a lot to him also. Thank goodness I have brendon I am so thankful and lucky he's here with me in this house and that I found him in general, I never expected to find Brendon and esp. on Big Brother, but he in a game where you have to EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED I should have known I wouldn't ever know what to expect, hehe.

SO I wanted to put up andrew and after all I was the HOH and Brendon wants to put up matt, well I COULD anticipate all of matts moves and I saw what was coming so I tried to play games with him until the ceremony, than finally I did put up matt I wanted to go with what brendon thought would be the best, and it wasn't worth it to risk us loosing Andrew, PLUS everyone that we have on our side wanted to do what was safe also. SO Matt goes up and true to form acted shocked!!!!!!!! WHATEVER BLAH PLAY YOUR CARDS MATT BUT THEY WILL BE FOUND OUT! So I guess he went around the house playing the pity feel bad for matt card, which is fine but that was all he needed to do he could have had a guaranteed week of being safe but NO NO NO matt had to stir it up----which isn't a shock b.c I called it before he even did it! I guess matt started talking to brittney and monet about how shocked he was how he wanted to get me and brendon outa the house how he wanted his revenge and how messed up it was that I "blind-sided" him PLEASE REALLY!!!!!!! You cant try to hustle the hustler--and not that I'm hustling people in the house but really its so obvious that I can see what you are doing, So basically game on homie!

So what matt didn't count on is that I would talk to brittney, I think that people overlook the connection that brittney and I have b.c even if we dislike each others game I really like brittney a lot and I want to keep her a freineminie in the house I want to be able to always kinda get to know whats going on in her head also.....

So I found out about matts little lies and schemes, and trying to play the Ronnie card.... PLEASE MATT get a new strategy yours has been played! and I called a house meeting to let everyone know the truth where matt tried to call me and brendon bullies, and liars and everything else but myself and everyone saw matt squirming! oh and my man came to my defense ALOT this week in a few tifts THANK GOD I HAVE BRENDON :) he's my night in shining armor :) and my prince basically the man of my dreams :) hehehe

So basically yall I hope that everyone saw the live feed and WATCH the episodes b.c OMG I had NOOOOOO idea that this house could get this crazy, and don't worry Ill keep trying to figure out who's doing what so that when the power shifts again I can keep me and brendon safe even though it feels like almost everyone wants to break us up! ! ! ! ! ! :( So I'm just gona have to keep fighting to keep me and my man here in the house and expecting the unexpected and of course WAYYYYY MORE DRAMA, PLOTTING, SCHEMES, and "REVENGE" haha I'm just happy to have brendon to keep me sane


AND keep watching for me and MY BEST FRIEND IN THE WORLD, brendons lil romance :) b.c theres waaaaaay more coming and to watch b.c I'm totally falling for him :-D hehe Oh yea and my besties in the house right now are Ragan and Kristin, So start watching b.c were going to be a force to reckon with and esp. with the possible attraction for HAYDEN AND KRISTIN OOOOOOOOAAAAOAOAOAH! :) hehehe keep your eyes on that one two America b.c they are super cute like me and Brendon ;) and were all bffs!


"Big Brother" airs Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday nights at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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