'Big Brother 13' finale: Who wins it all? Vote now!

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rachel-adam-porsche-big-brother-13.jpgThe Final 3 of "Big Brother 13" has come down to Porsche Briggs, Rachel Reilly and Adam Poch. Who do you think takes the title this season? Vote in our poll below.

Is Rachel going to pull it out, with most of the Jury House on her side? Or will Porsche win as the newbie who played the best game? We aren't sure Adam has a much of a chance - he's very likable, but he didn't do much throughout the season, he just wasn't a big enough threat to take out and all of a sudden he won the Top 4 HOH to get himself to the finals.

So let us know your thoughts and vote in the poll below! Please keep spoilers out of the comments - we know who won the final Head of Household competition, but this is not the place for spoilers.

Photo/Video credit: CBS