'Big Brother 13': The Power of Veto includes the unitard, 24 hours confinement

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shelly-big-brother-13.jpgThe latest Power of Veto contest has taken place in the "Big Brother 13" house and most people are not happy with the outcome. SPOILER ALERT. Also, this is a great week to sign up for the live feeds , since the house is a bit crazy right now.

So Adam won the Power of Veto, which is interesting because he is one of Daniele's nominees, alongside Shelly. I can't imagine he'd be so stupid as to not use it on himself just in case, but the question is - who does Daniele put up in his place? Is she going to honor her deal with Brendon/Rachel, or backdoor one of them? If she doesn't backdoor a Veteran and is really aligned with Kalia, that only leaves Porsche.

In other "award" news, Jeff won money, Jordan won the unitard and a dunce hat, which actually looks super-cute on her and she does not seem to mind at all, and Shelly won 24 hours confinement in the Have-Not room. She got bread and a bathroom. That ought to improve her mood after her meltdown after being nominated.

What do you think, hamster fans?

Photo/Video credit: CBS