'Big Brother 13's' Daniele's HOH blog: 'I'm sending Brendan home... could I ask for more?!'

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daniele-hoh-blog-big-brother-13.jpgThe Veterans have been dominating the "Big Brother 13" Head of Household competitions, but at least Daniele started trying to shake up the house. She writes in HOH blog about how blessed she is to play the game and how she needs to keep stepping it up.

Daniele writes:


wow!! I don't even know where to begin. Being in this house is a once in a lifetime opportunity.. and I'm experiencing it twice!! UNREAL! No words I can type can convey how thankful I am for being granted this experience. I feel blessed beyond belief. I have been in this house for five weeks, and I have made so many memories and had so much fun already! This truly has been the best year of my entire life... and It's only half over! It is so much easier to appreciate this this when coming in it the second time. I feel as though I have matured so much as a woman and as a gamer since the last time I was here.

my story.

I know I got caught up in a little bit too much gaming early on but hey, it would have been an amazing move if it went though! And NEVER would I have tried to do it if I knew Dominic's life in the game was on the line. He was my best friend in the house and my closest ally. I am definitely going to step up my game and make better and more calculated moves! I cannot afford another mess like last week... oddly enough though... I feel as though I played a great game of damage control and in the end, I'm sending Brendan home... could I ask for more?!

I thought coming into this game was going to be much easier the second time around, but it's not. It's just as hard but in different ways. The hardest part is having couples that are in love in this house. In any other season if you separate a pair, you're making a great game move, but in this house... separating a pair means you're attacking them on a personal level and ruining the relationship. I don't want to hurt people on a person level and it makes me sad to see people sad... HOWEVER... I also am smart enough to realize that I need to make the best games move for ME in this house.

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