'Big Brother 13's' Rachel's HOH blog: 'IM NOT A QUITER'

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bb-hoh-blog.jpg Rachel Reilly won the first Head of Household competition in the "Big Brother 13" game and just like last year, the HOHs are being allowed to blog on CBS and post pictures they take around the house.

Rachel writes:

HEEEEEY IM BACK B******! haha :)

Well I am back and the FIRST HOH of Big Brother 13! YAY! And its been a CRAZY Week to say the least! And the twists this year are insane, its a totally different big brother game.  Your playing as duos, and also when one member of the duo gets evicted the other member gets a golden key that keeps them in the house until the final 10.  The golden key holder is pretty much the ULTIMATE FLOATER, the ULTIMATE Key to hold to hang out in the BB house for half the summer no worries, LUCKY! So golden key holders GRAB YOUR FLOATEES(or life vests)  This BB season is going to be very different then I had expected, but like Julie says EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!

Its great to be in the Big Brother house again, I feel honored to have been invited back!(a little shocked, but very excited) I am ready for this season to be fresh and new and for myself as a player of BB to really develop.  Last year I really struggled with my social game and I was very proud, abrasive, and in peoples faces -- I was always fighting to stay in the house in the game and with MY MAN.  This year is totally new! I have the opportunity to have a great season, to go very far and to really fight to win, rather then just fight to stay in the house.  This season Brendon and I are happily engaged and living and playing together this year as a team! I cant explain how different it feels to be in this with him fighting and playing as a team, its the biggest advantage in the world to not only be playing with a partner, strong alliance but with your lifetime alliance & best friend. There are def. challenges also;  like the fact that Brendon and I are both strong willed people and that we are both stubborn, but LOVE, TRUE LOVE is really what keeps our hearts strong and beating for each other and able to really play and focus on this game.  We came into this season and assumed that it would just be the two of us and we would be a huge target and that it would be us against the house again, but luckily we were wrong!

When Jeff & Jordan and Dick & Dannielle walked into the house I was soooooo excited.  Super scared but really excited if the 6of us could ban together and form an alliance then we could RUN this house we could take over the season and then battle with the best in the end.  We started the season like that the "veterans vs. the newbies" and we decided day 1 that we were going to take over the game, the house and the season! We had plans for every week, and 6strong players on our team to accomplish our goals.  I was feeling like this would really be my season and that I really had a chance to make it far in this game.  When we got the news that Dick was leaving, I was crushed, I was so excited to play with someone that I was intimidated by, scared of and very much respected their style(maybe not everything b.c he scares me too!) I took the news very hard, I didn't want a relapse of season 12 I didn't want to get picked off by the newbies one duo by one duo.  I came into BB13 to play a hard fun game and battle to the end, but I wasn't expecting our strategy to blow up in our face! And we weren't just loosing Dick we lost Danielle also to the golden key(NO BUENO) so on day 6 we lost two of our best competitors, one until week 4 and possibly the strongest member of our alliance for good!  I was so upset I wanted to go home, I felt hopeless and lost and really just scared.  Thank goodness I came to my senses, IM NOT A QUITER I NEVER HAVE BEEN AND I DIDNT GIVE UP LAST SUMMER WHY SHOULD I NOW! :) We may be out numbered and down in competitions, but were strong and were fierce competitors.  We have a lot of advantages and pieces in our favor, we have really strong competitors, we have strong social gamers, and we have a tight alliance that we know we WONT turn our back on, and people who wont turn on us.  Thats HUGE IN THIS GAME! So now not only do I have my future life partner/best friend in my alliance, but I have 3 other REALLY strong players who are also my friends.  In big brother if you have one person you can ultimately trust your golden, in this season we have a group of 5 people that will never turn on each other until the final 5, so were already playing with that in our favor, and were playing with no paranoia, no fear;  and hell we have nothing to loose. 

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Photo/Video credit: CBS