'Big Brother 14': Britney is getting suspicious

britney-ian-big-brother-14.jpgThe "Big Brother 14" house calmed down considerably after Monday's (Aug. 27) fireworks following the Power of Veto Ceremony. But still waters run deep -- sign up for the live feeds to see how the week plays out.

Britney is starting to move past being sad about being the renom and is now starting to be quite suspicious of what went down Monday. She was brainstorming with Joe and Shane about votes and the house's divide last night when she started wondering why, if Dan says Danielle is dead to him in the game, he would vote to keep her.

Dan is playing it cool, saying he hasn't fully made up his mind yet and Britney needs to make her pitch to him. But he definitely seems like he's keeping Danielle and that's got Britney's radar buzzing.

It could get very interesting if Britney starts to suspect Danielle is in on the plan. Obviously, everybody knows Dan, Jenn and Frank made some sort of deal. But everybody thinks Danielle is the innocent pawn in the whole thing and Britney is being incredibly nice to her this week. That could all change if she decides Danielle is part of the problem.

If that happens, we could see Britney convincing Joe and Shane to keep her around to help take down the other side of the house along with Ian. From a pure numbers stand-point, they'd be sitting pretty well -- four versus two (Jenn and Dan) in the next HOH, since Frank can't play and Danielle would be gone.

Meanwhile, Ian continues to be kind of a broken little robot in the house. Late last night, he spent a lot of time at the dining room table, rocking back and forth and muttering things about falling on his sword, "honey badger don't care, honey badger don't give a s***" and various other unintelligible things. He really is taking it hard that he got played by Frank and Dan this week.

It's a shame there are no big events left to happen between now and Thursday's show, but look for the live feeds to continue being pretty great, as Britney tries to stay in the house and possibly figures out what is going on.

UPDATE: In the morning, Joe says to Frank he thinks the Dan/Danielle fight was all fake, it was Dan's plan to keep Danielle safe. He says Dan is a snake. It doesn't sound as though he's necessarily figured out Danielle was in on it.
Photo/Video credit: CBS