'Big Brother 14': Nudity and spin the bottle rule the live feeds

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ian-nude-big-brother-14.jpgThings got a little crazypants in the "Big Brother 14" house Saturday night (July 28) -- it only took three weeks, but finally the live feeds are got really fun. It's not too late to sign up for the feeds, which are also helpful when an endurance HOH crops up (which we are kind of anticipating for Thursday this week).

In the wake of the Coaches Comp, it appears Dan won a sushi party for the coaches, the HOH and his team (Danielle), so the six of them got all dressed up and were ushered to the backyard for sushi and drinks. However, the real party was happening inside.

The non-sushi eaters were given alcohol and they got pretty rowdy, donning crazy outfits, shot-gunning beers and chugging wine. When the sushi party finally ended, the houseguests got more alcohol from Big Brother and the shenanigans continued. Ian went streaking, Wil went skinny dipping in the pool (no pics, you'll have to look up those butt shots yourself) and a game of spin-the-bottle featured several mini make-out sessions.

Boogie and Ashley made out (tongue!),  Ian finally got a little play from Ashley, Jenn kissed Janelle (though it was very rated G, since Janelle's a married woman) and Danielle's wildest dreams came true because she got to kiss Shane. She lamented later that it should've been longer. Oh, Danielle.

Also, we love how when Shane's spin landed on Danielle, Janelle starts shrieking like Shane just proposed to Danielle. These girls.

If you sign up for the live feeds, you can rewind and watch all the crazy stuff for yourself. A new "Big Brother" airs Sunday night at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.


Photo/Video credit: CBS