'Big Brother 14's' Willie Hantz writes his HOH blog: 'vets are running the game and it makes me sick'

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willie-frank-fight-big-brother.jpgThe "Big Brother 14" production team finally gave Willie Hantz, the first Head of Household, his HOH camera and let him write his HOH blog. He was ... not nearly as verbose as we thought he would be.

Willie writes:

i everyone this is willie from bb 14 its been a crazy week not looking good right now but it changes from day to day in this crazy house. none of these players have a mind of there on. the vets are running the game and it makes me sick. im going to do what ever it takes to stay here. i miss my family and my daughters chelsea and britt i love yall so much. to all you fans out there thank yall i will never give up.

And that's it. Seriously. Last year, Rachel would write like dissertation-length blogs, but that's all Willie has to say. Perhaps he is worn out from all the fighting.

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Photo/Video credit: CBS