'Big Brother 15' GIFs: GinaMarie's froyo-eating prowess and more

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big-brother-15-GIF-13.gifSay what you will about the "Big Brother 15" cast, but they have been anything but boring this summer. Subsequently, there are some outstanding GIFs of their time in the house, mostly courtesy of terrific Tumblr called "Big Brother GIF."

The one above might be our favorite -- GinaMarie was a terrifying froyo-guzzling monster in that Have Not competition. But hey, her team didn't lose, so.

big-brother-15-gif-14.gif big-brother-15-GIF-12.gif
This is another really good one. It's like Spencer is the dramatic chipmunk.

big-brother-15-gif-10.gif big-brother-15-GIF-9.gif
Everybody do the Helen Shake!

big-brother-15-GIF-8.gifYou go, Howard.

big-brother-15-gif-7.gif big-brother-15-gif-6.gif
This is another really good one, hahahaha.

big-brother-15-gif-5.gif big-brother-15-GIF-4.gif
That GinaMarie, quite the seductress.

big-brother-15-gif-3.gif big-brother-15-GIF-2.gif
Oh, David. We hardly knew ye. Which is probably for the best.
Photo/Video credit: CBS