'Big Brother 15': The We Hate Elissa Club convenes

we-hate-elissa-big-brother-15.jpgThe nastiness in the "Big Brother 15" house continues -- read on if you'd like to know what's up this week, or just sign up for the live feeds to see for yourself. We will say, this is quite the cast.

So, a good portion of the house is convinced that Elissa is going home this week and all they do is sit around and bash on her. Jeremy, Spencer and GinaMarie are the worst offenders.

Last night, they held court around the hot tub and it's like the hate couldn't spew forth fast enough. Start watching around 1:50 am PT on the live feeds if you'd like to see for yourself.

"Highlights" include:

GinaMarie: "I mean, obviously she was brought here to f*** with s*** ... she's not human, she's f***ing possessed."


Jeremy: "I just want to look at her husband and say, 'Are you f***ing blind?'"
Spencer: "I hope you're bangin' some other chick while she's here."

Ironically, Jeremy is upset with Elissa because she said to him that his mom must be proud of him and she said it in a "smart mouth" way, but he says his mom is proud of him, to which we say -- really?

Later, on the hammock, Spencer and Jeremy keep that line up:

Spencer: "Your mom is very proud of you, dude ... our family is watching and they think it's bad-a**. Your mom is not worried about you one bit."

Spencer [ about Elissa]: "I wonder what she looked like before the doctor f***ed her face up. I hope that doctor doesn't have a license anymore."
Jeremy: " If my mom didn't raise me better, I would just ask her. But I'm not here to bully any girls.
Spencer: "You're a good guy, don't get trapped in -- they just want to get in arguments with you, make you look bad on the show."

To paraphrase the great Tim Curry in "Clue" -- Jeremy doesn't need any help from the ladies to look bad, though "on the show" is the key phrase, since CBS will probably make him look like a lovable doofus.

And in another example of what a lovely guy Jeremy is, this exchange took place later in re: Kaitlin.

: "I'd totally do it here with her, if she'd let me."
Spencer: "Nothing like TV boning."
Jeremy: "Nothing like it. I've tried it, but she won't let me."

Thank goodness Kaitlin has a brain in her head.

Do you guys still think Elissa is staying and David is going? It's hard to tell anymore, honestly.

"Big Brother's" next episode airs Tuesday night at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.
Photo/Video credit: CBS