'Big Brother 15's' Elissa Slater won't lie about Rachel Reilly connection, wants an all-girl alliance

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Elissa Slater is the "familiar face" that "Big Brother" host Julie Chen has been teasing us fans with. She's not a former player returning, but she's the sister of "Big Brother 13" winner Rachel Reilly -- which is something she's not going to volunteer right away in the house.

"I definitely don't want to tell anyone, but if they figure it out or ask me ... I'm not going to lie. I think that will bite me at the end," Slater tells Zap2it.

Something tells us Elissa is going to have come clean sooner rather than later, since our first thought upon meeting her was how much she looks like Rachel. But either way, Elissa says that her strategy is to lay low for a while in the house, then hopefully cultivate an all-girl alliance.

"I want to be very tactful in the way that I form relationships. I definitely don't want to be a target, so I think if you're a little more discrete and you work your way into relationships with people, they don't look as you as an immediate threat and you can get far enough in the game that in the second half of the game you can go guns blazing," says Slater.

"My strategy is to be laser-focused on forming an alliance, preferably an all-girl alliance. I definitely would like to go throughout the game and have close allies who find me as an asset to them adn who we can make it to the Final 4. And then the best woman standing makes it to the end. ... Women tend to be a little too emotional and catty, but this year's gonna be different. ... I'm very girly-girl ... I feel like if I find girls that I can connect with, I could make that alliance make it to the end and keep those relationshps intact."

Slater also says that she's here to win and will do almost anything to get there.

"As long as it wouldn't compromise my relationship with my family or embarrass them, I will do anything to win 'Big Brother' ... I am playing 'Big Brother' as a game. I will lie, I will backstab. Yeah, it would be nice to play a totally clean game, but it's just not really practical. And it's not fun or entertaining," laughs Slater.

"Big Brother 15" premieres Wednesday, June 26 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. Don't forget to sign up for the live feeds to keep track of all the action all summer long.
Photo/Video credit: CBS, Zap2it